Maternity/Parental leave

This program is open to those currently receiving salary awards only.

Note: Any change to the government benefit EI policy or funds available may impact Canadian Cancer Society’s maternity/parental leave policy.

The following policy is based on the current Canada Employment Insurance program model and summarizes the maternity and/or parental leave benefits that will be available to postdoctoral or clinical trainees supported by salary awards from the Canadian Cancer Society. For more detailed information, please contact the Director , Research Operations.


Must currently be a full time postdoctoral or clinical fellow supported by a CCS salary award. Awardees who are eligible for employment insurance or other supplements from other sources do not qualify for this benefit. 

Maternity leave

A pregnant full-time postdoctoral or clinical fellow may apply for maternity leave for up to a maximum period of 15 weeks. Maternity leave may be applied for no earlier than 8 weeks before or 17 weeks after the expected date of delivery.

Parental leave

A full-time postdoctoral or clinical fellow may apply for parental leave no later than 35 weeks from the date that the child first comes into the custody and care of the parent after birth or adoption. The maximum period of time for parental leave is 10 weeks. The parental leave of a mother who has taken maternity leave must begin when the maternity leave ends, unless the child is hospitalized after birth for a period of time. Therefore, in the case of the birth mother, a maximum of 25 weeks of leave may be taken (15 weeks maternity and an additional 10 weeks parental). In the case of an adoptive mother, a maximum of 10 weeks parental leave may be taken.

Application for leave

The following information must be received by the Canadian Cancer Society at least two weeks prior to the anticipated start date of the maternity/parental leave:

  1. a written certificate stating the estimated date of delivery
  2. written confirmation from the research supervisor of the start date and duration of the leave
  3. written notification from the trainee of the amount and duration of any other maternity/parental leave benefits or awards being paid while on leave for either parent
  4. a statement from the Research Accounting department of the Host Institution indicating the awardee’s salary paid from the award

Maternity/parental leave benefits

A paid leave of 55% of the stipend for up to 15 weeks of maternity leave and for up to 10 weeks of parental leave for a birth mother or 10 weeks in the case of an adoptive mother. All maternity/parental leave benefits are taxable income. Note that the stipend used for this calculation cannot exceed the current EI maximum ($537/week at the time of publication). Please note that top-ups to a maternity leave is not an allowable expense on a grant.

Return to position

Upon conclusion of the maternity/parental leave, written confirmation from the research supervisor that training has resumed must be submitted to the Canadian Cancer Society. Stipend payments will return to the full amount. The salary award will be extended equal to the amount of leave.

Last modified on: October 19, 2018