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Your voice is powerful. There are lots of ways you can advocate right now to help make cancer care better.
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Make palliative care better

Everyone in Canada should have a right to access affordable, culturally safe, high-quality palliative care regardless of where they live and in what setting they choose to receive care. We can come together to call on all governments in Canada to recognize palliative care as a right. 

Make delays and backlogs better 

Throughout the pandemic, we asked people affected by cancer how COVID-19 impacted their cancer experience. We’re pleased to share our new report, Living at the Crossroads of COVID-19 and Cancer, which presents themes of what we heard and guidance on how we can make cancer care better.

Make tobacco control better

Let your elected officials know that you support prioritizing strong measures to reduce tobacco use in provincial settlement negotiations. Every letter sent by you and people you know helps in the fight against the tobacco industry.
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Make drug access better

Share your feedback about cancer drugs. Your experience can give us valuable information about the benefits and drawbacks of current treatments and help assess new treatments. This feedback helps shape recommendations for which drugs are covered under provincial and territorial drug plans.
Healthcare professional writing on a clipboard with a patient in a clinic waiting room

Make health system funding better

For many, the challenges in our healthcare system may mean longer wait times, delays, or late-stage diagnoses as our healthcare system struggles to cope with additional demand. Help us call for governments to work together and invest in our healthcare to ensure people can get the care they need when they need it.
Patient consulting with his doctor about the PSA test

Make the early detection of prostate cancer better

The Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test is a commonly used blood test used in the detection of prostate cancer. Eight provinces and three territories cover the cost of the test by referral without requiring signs and symptoms, except Ontario and British Columbia. Help us advocate for equitable access to this important test.