Cancer survivor ditches wine for a good cause with Dry Feb

Back in 2017, Jacqui went in for a routine mammogram. A week later, the radiologist had Jacqui return for another mammogram and an ultrasound, and that’s when doctors discovered two small tumours, each about 1.3 cm in size. Although the news was troubling, her cancer was caught early.

“Catching it [breast cancer] early gave me a chance,” explains Jacqui. “My doctor told me it was important to remind myself that it was caught early, it’s small and it’s totally treatable.”

Jacqui surrounded herself with family and friends throughout her journey with breast cancer
Jacqui (right) surrounded herself with family and friends throughout her journey with breast cancer.

Staying positive when times get tough

A month after her diagnosis, Jacqui was scheduled for a breast-conserving surgery – which is sometimes called a lumpectomy – and a sentinel lymph node removal. During surgery, doctors removed a third tumour the size of a small bean from Jacqui’s breast. The surgery was considered a success and she began chemotherapy and radiation treatment to reduce the risk of the cancer returning.

Jacqui remained optimistic through 20 rounds of radiation. She spent time with her husband and two teenage daughters, taking vacation across Canada and embracing her hair loss with friends. Jacqui felt drawn to help others through their journey with cancer and discovered a great way to get involved through the Canadian Cancer Society’s Dry Feb fundraiser.

“I saw a Facebook posting about Dry Feb and realized that it aligned perfectly for me,” says Jacqui. “Going alcohol-free fit into my health and wellness program. I saw it as a chance to take a break from wine while helping to raise funds for those with similar experiences to mine.”

Saying goodbye to alcohol

Dry Feb is a fundraiser that challenges Canadians to go alcohol-free in February and raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Jacqui ditched wine for the month and began fundraising. Her friends and family supported her mission, helping Jacqui raise over $3,000 to help fund the Canadian Cancer Society’s groundbreaking cancer research and nationwide support services.

“Dry Feb is a win-win situation,” says Jacqui. “Not only do you get the health benefits associated with going alcohol-free, but you also get to give back and donate to a worthy cause.”

Today, Jacqui is cancer-free and embracing her journey by helping others. She volunteers regularly and continues to support the Canadian Cancer Society.

Help yourself and help others

What many Canadians may not realize is drinking any type of alcohol can increase your risk of getting cancer, like head and neck, breast, stomach, pancreatic, colorectal and liver cancer. Participating in Dry Feb is a great way to raise awareness about the cancer cause among your network of friends and family, while also enjoying the health benefits of going alcohol-free for a month.

Just like Jacqui, you can help us make a difference. Go dry this Feb and feel the benefits. Register or donate today at